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Tor and Lisa have written The Whites (pilot – “Election Day”), a ½ hour comedy about a black family living in a wealthy white suburb during the Obama years. It’s the Wonder Years, but set in the 2000’s with a black family named White. The Lou (pilot – “Coming Home”), is a ½ hour dramedy with songs about a singer/songwriter who returns home to St. Louis after discovering her husband is a sex addict and struggles to rebuild her life, while contending with her dysfunctional family. Senior Living (pilot – “The Cake”),  is a ½ hour comedy set in a retirement community about a group of people dying to live. It’s like Friends, but at a senior living facility instead of a fake apartment in the West Village that no one could afford in real life anyway. Clusterf*ck (pilot – “Angry Vegan”), is the story of two forty-something’s who decided to leave their crumbling marriages for each other and become writing partners. Amidst dwindling savings and a newly blended family, the two will stop at nothing to “write” all the wrongs of life’s banalities. It’s a modern day Brady Bunch, minus four kids and Larry David plays the dad. Animal Control (pilot – “Rabid Squirrel”), is a The Office style comedy about an animal control unit in Beaver County, Oklahoma. They keep us safe from the animals and the animals safe from us. In Nowadays, a wanna-be-Broadway-star-turned-trophy-wife decides to reclaim the career she almost had. It’s a musical mixed with equal parts 2 Broke Girls, Mary Tyler Moore and Dead To Me.

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