Theater - Original Works

STEALING TIME - a story about a woman struggling

to reclaim her power after years in an emotionally abusive marriage 

COLLATERAL BEAUTY - an adaptation of the film starring Will Smith, Ed Norton and Kate Winslet (in collaboration with screenwriter Allan Loeb).

SENIOR LIVING - a play about people dying to live, which takes place in a retirement community. The play has now been adapted to a TV pilot.

THE LOU - a 1/2 hour dark comedy for television that follows Hope Singer, a woman coming home to St. Louis to face her estranged family. 

THE SKYLIGHT ROOM - a story about asking for help through the lens of physical illness, with actor/writer, John Cariani.

HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY - a family musical about belonging and race, based on the real-life experience of Backstreet Boy, Howie D 

M a.d. - an original musical comedy that picks up where Something Rotten never started. Written in collaboration with Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser (The Nanny, Who's the Boss).

THE 1ST ANNUAL TRUMP FAMILY SPECIAL-  a political satire musical revue with book writer Danny Salles.
LIFE. WHO KNEW? - A one-woman musical starring Lisa

Theater - Commissioned Works

GREEN ACRES - an original story based on the legendary television series, updated for the 21st century.

UNTITLED, THE MUSICAL - a show about living in your own musical, commissioned by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) to be performed by middle and high school age students.

ENSEMBLE - Music and lyrics for a play that features newly discovered letters from Tennessee Williams.

aTYPICAL FAMILY - a story about Autism Spectrum Disorder told from the perspective of the couple raising an atypical child.

MOMMY NEEDS A TIME OUT - a series of short music videos for Nickelodeon’s mom channel.

THE PEKOE GROUP- Tor & Lisa have written several songs for this Broadway marketing firm.

SCHOOL OF ROCK - A History of Rock show for schools across the country.




Better - Lisa Rothauser
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Monsters In My Head - Howie D.
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Song Selections

Something's Gotta Grow - Ryan Silverman
00:00 / 00:00


Gimme The Facts - Crystal Joy
00:00 / 00:00
Fix It - Ryan Silverman & Erin Kukla
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I Love His Face - Lisa Rothauser
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Stealing Time - Jeremy Kushnier & Lisa Rothauser
00:00 / 00:00
Maybe, Maybe Not - Lisa Rothauser & Ben Nordstrom
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What The Fuck? - Lisa Rothauser
00:00 / 00:00
Broke - Tor & Lisa
00:00 / 00:00
Shine - Drew Gehling
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